On this page I’ll try to keep track of my ongoing projects.


This is a simple game, I built it while trying to understand depth-first search maze generators.
Turns out the hardest part is knowing which cells are near each other.
Built with luxe.

Source - Demo

Jupyter Nim Kernel

A Pretty simple Jupyter kernel for nim.
There are two versions:


INim is an implementation of all the kernel machinery in nim. This is the version I will focus development on.

Source - Example


This version calls the python implementation. It’s written in python.

Source - Example

PS: This gist has a tool to convert a notebook .ipynb file into
a .nim file, keeping markdown blocks as ##[]## blocks for documentation purposes.

Nim WebGL bindings

Simple bindings for webgl in nim.

Source - Examples


A naive png encoder written in nim, that can also inline images when used on the js target.
Currently does no compression at all, so expect BIG images.

Source - Docs - Examples


A toy plotter that creates .png files. Uses npng.

An example



A simple algebra library written in nim, that also works on the js target. Not very fast (for now).

Source - Docs