Snow/Luxe: Custom Web Layout

stisa, Dec 16, 2015

Hi everyone, this is just a quick post on a simple thing I found out today. When building for the web target with luxe, the default layout is just a black background with the game window in the middle. While this is okay while developing, I wanted to show a demo of the game on my website, so I wanted its layout to fit with the rest of the site.

After a bit of digging (all right, a lot of digging, but only because I thought the layout was in flow, as it is the one responsible of building) I found the default layout inside snow lib folder, snow\flow\web\index.html, where snow is the path in which you installed snow. The format suggests that it uses handlebarjs or a similar templating system.

Default layout Custom layout

There probably is a better method of doing this on a per-project basis, maybe by defining a custom template in the flow file somewhere or by using a hook that builds your custom layout, but this is a quick way of fitting a large number of projects with a consistent layout.

Thanks for reading, if you find errors or if I got something wrong, please open an issue on github


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